New Zealand is one of the most popular relocation destinations for British expats.  New Zealand has a lot to offer as a country, it has the weather and landscapes and also a very well established English speaking population so therefore New Zealand is a very attractive relocation destination.

There are many things you need to know and consider when considering moving to New Zealand, the first being considering you likely hood of being offered residence. There are many different ways you could qualify for residency within New Zealand; there is a points system which is dependent on your professional or practical qualifications and also you personal circumstances.  If however you cannot gain enough points through the point system to be granted residency, then there also options of a working visa or permit.

Once you have sorted the way in which you can gain residency in New Zealand, the next important decision to make is whether to buy or rent a property and the location in which you choose to do so. Renting may be a good idea if you are still unsure of the exact location you will decide to settle in as you will not have to buy and sell more than once. The location you choose is also important, consider the standard of schooling within the area if you are relocating with children, and also access to shops and your new employment.

Finally it is important to be sure you have the right finances in place to support a move to New Zealand, especially if you are going out without a job offer in hand. Try and budget so that you take sufficient funds out with you to ensure you can live and support yourself for at least 3 months whilst you find your feet.  

Wherever you choose to settle in New Zealand and however long you decide to settle for, if you plan well and arrive prepared you can be sure that you move over to New Zealand is successful.

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