What’s your experience of moving your outdoor effects to New Zealand?


Most people are undecided on what items to take with them, when they immigrate to New Zealand due to the MAF Regulations. New Zealand has a unique ecosystem and significant economic reliance on agriculture.

All containers landed in New Zealand are checked by MAF (the ministry of agriculture and fisheries) and the following items are usually inspected:

Wooden Items

Gardening Equipment

Lawn Mowers

Outdoor Toys



Cane Furniture


Golf clubs and buggies

Sporting equipment (there are special guidelines for camping equipment and fishing gear)

Vacuum cleaners with un – emptied dust bags

Ornaments and curios containing skin or feathers

Christmas decorations (No pinecones)

Dried flowers and seeds

Equipment/medicines used with horses or other animals

Used vehicles


As long as your goods have been thoroughly cleaned and free from soil and dirt and have been disinfected you shouldn’t have any problems, items need to be clearly marked on the inventory, any smaller items that will require inspection should be packed together.  

One thing to consider is the strength of the sun in New Zealand the UV rays could deteriorate your goods sooner than they would in the UK.

Do some research and consider the cost of shipping your effects or buying new when you get to New Zealand.





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