Finding your old favorite foods abroad



It is not just family and friends who will be deeply missed when the big decision to move abroad is made; missing the classic British favorite foods is also a big worry for many. Finding your old favorite foods abroad can be quite tricky, especially when you are very new to the area, but There are however ways you can enjoy both living abroad and still having your old favorite   foods to hand. 

Firstly choose your location carefully, if you select an area which already has a well established expats community you are more likely to find more of the old favorite foods here than in a more “foreign” area. You may discover that in some areas expats have set us shops and restaurants which import all your British favorite foods, for example fish and chip shops, and cafes that use English bacon and sausage to cook a typical full English. not forgetting your clasic sunday roast.

Another way to receive your favorite foods is to ask family and friends living in England to bring a few of your favorite items along with them when they come to visit you in your new home. Be careful what you ask them to bring over for you though as there may be regulations against taking certain food products between countries, so do your research first.
Clubbing together with other expats and making your own versions of your old classic dishes will allow you to both be reunited with all of your old favorites and form friendships with other expats who are in the same position as you.

Moving to Australia


More and more people are making the big decision to move to Australia. There are many things you need to consider when making the decision to emigrate to Australia, and considering these early will make your move as stress free as possible.

Applying for a visa

Firstly you need to apply for a visa in order to be able to enter and say in Australia. There are many different types of visas that you can get, so you need to ensure you find the one correct for you. The 4 main visas are:
• Permanent entry visas
• Working visas
• Temporary visas
• Business visas

Consider you visa options carefully, gaining the right visa for your needs is important. Also remember to apply for one in advance as sometimes the process of applying can take several weeks in order to send the relevant documentation and supporting paper work.

Look into health insurance

Health care insurance is as important in Australia as anywhere else you ensuring that you have the right health insurance is another point to consider before you make the big move. It is important that you have some sort of health care insurance cover in place ready for your big move as Australia’s health care system works quite differently to that of the UK.

Public health care:
The state run health care system in Australia is called Medicare; this is similar to our national health service in the UK as it is funded through income tax. Care through Medicare is available to all citizens and permanent residents of Australia so as long as you have the appropriate visas that entitle you to stay in Australia you should be covered under the Medicare system.

Private health insurance:
Although many citizens are covered under the Medicare public health care service, many like to take out extra private health care insurance as they can get added extras that the Medicare system does not offer. Gaining Ancillary cover is one reason many citizens decide to take out private medical insurance. Ancillary cover will cover the costs of dental care and optical care just to list a couple, and this is a service not provided publicly. Also another advantage of taking out your own medical insurance is having the option of private hospital cover. This allows you to choose, when and where you go into hospital and even which doctors you have.

There are many options for health insurance in Australia and it is important to consider all of the options you have and which one suits you best.

Packing and travelling
Planning the packing and shipping of the items you wish to take over to Australia with you is also important. Plan your packing well, ensure you pack well in time and use the correct protection. Consider what will need to be shipped, and shop around for quotations for your shipping needs. Remember to check for any items which are deemed unsuitable for entry to Australia by the Australian government.

Apply for a local driving license

As a visitor to Australia you are entitled to drive in Australia providing you have a current driver’s license and passport with you at all times whilst driving. However once you hold a per meant visa you can only use your Uk drivers license for 3 months, after this period of time you have to aplly for an Australian drivers license. It’s fairly simple to gain an Australian drivers license and even more so to drive in Australia as they drive on the left just like us in the UK.

Moving to Cyprus



Cyprus is fast becoming a favorite relocation hot spot for those who are seeking a better way of life and sunnier climates. There are a few points to consider when thinking about moving to Cyprus which will help make your move as stress free as possible.

Registration procedures
Firstly you need to consider the registration for residency procedures. In order for European to enter and set up residency in the republic of Cyprus for more than 3 months you must have the following documents:
- A valid, in date passport or identity card
- Work in Cyprus, paid or unpaid
- Registration with a private or public institution in order to peruse studies
- Full sickness cover insurance for yourself and all of your family members

Finding accommodation in Cyprus is also another point to consider. There are many different areas of Cyprus, so you need to carefully consider the location you would like to live in be it near the seas and beaches of Cyprus or in the central towns and villages. Searching through local press, websites and also estate agents can help influence your decision on the location you choose to move to, as they can give you information such as local property prices and information about the area.

If you are considering moving to Cyprus with your family, then schooling is another very important point to consider when planning your move. All EU citizens who move to Cyprus are entitled to continue their education once they have relocated. Information on all approved state and private nurseries, primary schools lower schools and upper schools can be found through the ministry. Schooling for EU citizens in Cyprus is free and the school leaving age is currently 18, this is the age in which upper secondary education concludes. Addition lessons in Greek are also provided for those who have moved to Cyprus and are unable to speak Greek; this will make schooling much easier for children.

Health System
Health care is provided for free to all residents of Cyprus by the government medical services and the private medical sector. The government medical services provide health care and treatment for free of a reduced cost to certain groups of people, more information on this can be found out from the ministry of health. All emergency care is free to all citizens of Cyprus; there is a hospital with an emergency department in every city.

Tackling the stress of moving abroad


We all dream of moving abroad whether it be to spend more time with family, to find better work prospects of even just to move into the better weather the Untied kingdom cannot guarantee. For those who do decide to bite the bullet and move abroad they often discover that the process is much more stressful than they first thought, as they are faced with the difficulties of not having family and friends around them and also may not be able to speak the native language to that particular country.

There are some ways you can limit the stress and worries you face when moving abroad, which will help to make your move to your new life as stress free as possible. Plan your move carefully. Find out any rules, regulations and restrictions which may be in place in the country you are looking at moving to, this will ensure you do not come across any problems when you arrive. Also how quickly you settle in your new area may be influenced by the country and area you chose to move to, moving to an area that has already got a well established expats community may help you settle in quicker as you will be able to relate to them and you will find you will have a lot in common with them.

Learning about the area your moving to and planning how you will live when you arrive there will also help make your move abroad less stressful as you will be more aware of your new surroundings. Finally if you are moving abroad with children or teenagers, look into schools and colleges within your new area and how you enroll into them, this will mean one less job for you to do when you arrive in your new home.

Good planning and preparation is the key to greatly reducing the stresses and worries you face when moving abroad to a different country.

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